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Genealogical Gleanings in England


henryfwatersportraitSo, in 1883, one of the foremost recognized American genealogists Henry F. Waters sailed to England and began collecting genealogy data from churches and courts for the New England Genealogy Register with the intention of helping American families connect to their English roots. He followed a handful of families through wills, and marriage and death records, and created mini biographies and family charts, and in the end he found more information than the Register could use, so Waters published his “gleanings” to make the information accessible to those it might benefit. If your family is one he has focused on, you’re in for a windfall.  I’m not going to list the families, as there are a lot more people named in the books as auxiliary persons which might be helpful, but I suggest you check out the index at the end of Vol. 2 to see of there are any names of interest in there for you. The Vol. 2 index covers both volumes.

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