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Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy – Vol. VII, Indiana


For those with Quaker ancestors in Indiana, I have made a great find!  Here is a scanned copy of all seven parts of Vol. VII of Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, edited by Willard Heiss. My understanding is that the seventh volume of the encyclopedia was finished long after Hinshaw’s passing, and was broken up into manageable parts because of it’s sheer size, and distributed as sections were finished.

Vol. VII, Part One, 1962, 339 pgs.invol7p1Vol. VII, Part Two, 1965, 442 pgs.invol7p2

Vol. VII, Part Three, 1970, 568 pgs.invol7p3

Vol. VII, Part Four, 1972, 517 pgs.INvol7P4.jpgVol. VII, Part Five, 1974, 496 pgs.invol7p5

Vol. VII, Six, 1975, 466 pgs.invol7p6

Vol. VII, Part Seven, 1977, 111 pgs. Index, maps, and errata.

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